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Ear surgery is important to improve the position, proportion, and overall shape of your ears, as well as to treat injuries. If you need ear surgery, contact David Folk, MD, at Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, to book a consultation. Dr. Folk performs both cosmetic and reconstructive ear procedures for minor-to-complex issues. You can book an ear surgery consultation online, or you can call the clinic directly to schedule.

Ear Surgery Q&A

Why do I need ear surgery?

Ear surgery is a personalized procedure that corrects any imperfections, injuries, or blemishes you may have. You may need an ear surgery to:

  • Reconstruct your ears after trauma, including dog bites
  • Make aesthetic repairs after Mohs surgery
  • Repair your earlobes or treat split earlobes
  • Reduce the size of your ears
  • Pin your ears (otoplasty)
  • Correct congenital defects


When you come in to Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery for your ear surgery consultation, you meet with Dr. Folk, who’s a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngology specialist. He counsels you about what to expect from your procedure, so you can collaborate to determine which corrections may be best for your needs.  

How does a doctor perform ear surgery?

Your ear surgery from Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery is entirely tailored to your unique facial features and ear shapes. Depending on the reasoning behind your surgery, Dr. Folk may:

  • Make incisions on the backs of your ears or within inner creases
  • Graft cartilage or tissues from other areas to make repairs
  • Remove excess skin and cartilage
  • Fold cartilage into proper position


Because of his expertise, Dr. Folk is able to place your incisions in areas that are hidden. This results in little-to-no scarring, so your results are more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing. 

How long does it take to recover from ear surgery?

After your ear surgery at Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Folk bandages your ears to support and protect them. It’s common to feel discomfort and itching for several days, but it’s important not to touch your ears. You also need to avoid sleeping on your side or stomach, so you don’t put pressure on your ears. 

Dr. Folk schedules you for a follow-up visit a few days after your ear surgery to remove your bandages. You’ll still need to wear a supportive headband while you sleep for as long as six weeks. Full recovery from ear surgery can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. 

You can book your ear surgery consultation at Park Avenue Facial Plastic Surgery directly through the website, or you can call to schedule by phone.